All About Us.

Our Mission.

We inspire phenomenal, self-driven change, transformed lives and great attitudes. We liberate people with health concerns from profit-driven medical models and pharmaceutical approaches. We empower people by sharing knowledge from our expertise, clinical research, and other experts in the field. We heal families by providing a supportive community to ease worry with common sense answers that work. We champion good health through positive change for life.

Our Story.

In 1999, we teamed up with a respected bariatric physician in Seattle to formulate something that would really work for his patients, his family—and himself. We knew we had created something special. By 2010, we had achieved a level of product testing unheard of in the dietary supplement industry, including: a toxicity study, a preliminary fructosamine study, and two clinical studies. Today, Syntra5 is one of the rare supplements on the market scientifically tested to support normal blood glucose levels in healthy people. We’ve sold over 1 million bottles and counting, and helped tens thousands of people stay healthy, lively, and strong.

You are, without a doubt, powerful.

Our brand message.

We operate on one simple principle: You’re not a victim.

You are, without a doubt, powerful. You have the power to make incredible changes.

You are not just a number.

And together? We’re unstoppable.

Unhealthy blood sugar is less an illness and more a runaway freight train. It’s scary. It’s a death sentence (or so we’ve been told). It’s worse than any awful medication side effect.

It doesn’t slow down or stop. We know where it starts, travels, and ends. And it always ends in the same place. It crashes and burns and you face the possibility of becoming another statistic.

You, a mere mortal, have the power to stop a runaway freight train.

You don’t take your medication, you die.

You DO take your medication, and, well, you might die. But these odds are a little better.

All the while, unhealthy blood sugar has its own agenda.

It’s a hostage situation, and you’re bargaining with both your captor and your rescuer to stay alive.

Something happens. You lose your insurance, and suddenly medication is an incredible burden, or far beyond your reach. Just to stay alive.

Doctors provide you with prescriptions for what is, basically, false hope. When’s the last time your doctor called you at home to see how you were doing? This is the person who promised you that, despite being 50 lbs overweight, despite all logic, that you could live long enough to see your grandkids graduate if you just keep taking your pills.

It might not be a lie per se, but it isn’t the truth, either. Maybe it’s keeping you sick. You might make it to graduation. You probably won’t enjoy it.

In this world, WE are the future.

It might surprise you to learn that there is a big crowd of people out there who have kicked this disorders’ ass, naturally. Even if you know that statistically, you’re part of a huge group—are you talking to other people with the same issues and concerns? Does anyone understand what you’re going through well enough to help you out?

We aren’t big enough or wealthy enough to take on the entire American medical system, but we are something they are not and never can be: truthful, courageous, and social.

We’re not in the business of giving you pills and disappearing for six months ‘till you stumble in wondering why they aren’t working. We won’t resurface and make you feel worse about how you’re not making progress.

We’re always here. Even when they’re not.

Healthy people do healthy things together. We are your community, working together to solve the sugar problem.

If you didn’t know, now you know.

Becoming your OWN medical professional solves a LOT of problems.

Our Team.

As principal owners, Ken, Rick, and Steve are proud of what they’ve accomplished at Syntratech—but there’s more.

Kenneth Hampshire.

Head of Research and Development
As an expert in blood sugar and human nutrition, Ken’s passion is helping people understand how diabetes impacts everyday life. His collaboration with healthcare professionals in the late 90s led to the creation of Syntra5, and he led the team presenting Syntra5 at the 2010 “International Symposium on Diabetes and Obesity.” A generalist and extrovert with eclectic interests ranging from religion to politics to social issues, Ken loves to engage people on almost any topic.

Rick Miles.

Head of Customer Relations
With over 35 years in customer relations, Rick delivers a strong core of values that make Syntratech what it is today. His attention to detail and exacting standards are what our customers long for when it comes to support on a personal level. More than 1 million bottles of Syntra5 have been sold and Rick’s guidance ensures every shipment. As a husband, father and grandfather, he brings a deep sense of family and commitment to our customers and company.

Steve Miles.

Head of Operations and Marketing

Steve has steered Syntratech through 11 years of growth—almost unheard of in an industry packed with upstarts and fast failures, and we are a debt-free company thanks to his efforts. A knowledgeable marketing and operations veteran, Steve serves on numerous marketing and advisory councils, assuring state-of-the art insights to our company.