Plant Walnut Trees for Your Grandchildren

Plant Walnut Trees for Your Grandchildren

My dad used to say if you want to help your grandchildren, plant walnut trees. It takes a long time for a Walnut tree to grow to a size that can be used for lumber. But when it’s ready, the tree becomes incredibly valuable.  

Planting a garden, buying a savings bond, learning a trade, building a house, getting married—what do all these activities have in common?

They signify hope. Doing something today that will have far greater rewards tomorrow. For most type twos, hope is the last thing on their minds. That’s because, for them, their disorder is not getting better. There’s no sign of progress.

Psychology of the Defeated

Right now we have people that go into a doctors office—an intimidating situation for many people. They sit in front of people who they [perceive to] have knowledge that far exceeds their own in these particular matters, which makes them feel even less confident, less powerful, less responsible. We spend an average of six minutes with this person, who may or may not tell us information that is correct.

We’ve got to start thinking about how the typical diabetic feels after this kind of visit.

What they’re feeling is that they have very little to say in their own outcome. They feel that they have very little personal power or influence, their sense of self is diminished, they have no hope that they can affect the outcome of their diabetes, and as a result, they remove themselves from the equation. And right there is where we lose the battle!

Almost everything we do in the treatment of diabetes is wrong. The approach is wrong, the information is wrong, and it is wrong how we treat people—because we treat them like they are an afterthought in their own disorder.

Meanwhile their blood glucose is getting worse and worse and worse. Their neuropathy is getting worse and worse. Their eyesight is deteriorating. They’re at their wit’s end. Continued setbacks take away hope.

A New Approach

We’re here to give you hope. To protect your walnut tree and to water your garden while you prepare yourself for the job ahead. Listen, learn, grow stronger, and soon you’ll be protecting your own body with knowledge and resolve.

Knowledge is power. Read the blogs and posts you see on our website and Facebook page. Use it to make a difference in your life, your family’s life. As you grow stronger and more knowledgeable, your job will get easier and easier.

Finally, not too far down the road, your fasting numbers will be normal, you’ll look and feel 15 years younger, and you’ll wonder what seemed so insurmountable such a short time ago.

I wish you wisdom, good health, and hope in your journey. For more help along the way, check out our Facebook group.


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