Can High Blood Sugar Be Cured?

Can High Blood Sugar Be Cured?

“Can high blood sugar be cured?” is probably the question I’m asked most frequently.

The answer to this question all depends on who you’re asking. If it’s a doctor or other medical professional, the answer will probably be a definitive “no.” If you are asking someone who has a product to sell you, the answer will probably be an enthusiastic “yes!”

If you’re asking me? That’s a no.

Even though Syntratech makes an incredibly effective product for normalizing blood glucose, my answer to this question is still “No.” Why is that?

The answer is much simpler than you might think: elevated blood sugar is not a disease — at least, not as most people think of and understand a “real disease.”

If you were to ask people to name a disease, you would most likely hear things like measles, mumps, typhus, or smallpox. A microbe invades our body and causes a particular disease. We take the appropriate antibiotic for that microbe, and voila, the disease is “cured.”

But unhealthy blood sugar doesn’t work like that. It is not the result of a bacterial infection, something that just happens to us. Rather than bacteria or other agents, type 2 is largely the product of lifestyle. It can’t be cured in the sense of an infection because there is no invading “bug” to eliminate.

Why is this important? There’s no drug, shot, or pill that will “make us better.” Insulin manages a problem, but insulin is not a solution. The same is true of other drugs on the market.

High blood sugar damages our bodies. The scientific literature tells us that at the point of initial diagnosis, we’ve already lost between 25% – 45% of the beta cells in the pancreas. These are the insulin-producing cells in our body. That percentage goes up the longer our blood glucose stays above normal.

So unfortunately there is no “cure” for high blood sugar. With diagnosis, we’re really getting a strong warning to reduce the burden or stress on our pancreas. It’s time to reduce dietary carbohydrates and increase our physical activity.

That is the good news. The terrible symptoms of high blood sugar can be averted with proper knowledge and new behaviors. We can live normal healthy lives with just a few lifestyle modifications. There is light at the end of this tunnel and you’re not alone. Rarely do we get the opportunity to make such a positive change in our lives by our own choices!

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