Finding Hope

Finding Hope

One Thursday, I got a call from a woman in Wisconsin who was desperate for some help. 48 years old, 3 kids, 45 lbs. overweight, very concerned about her blood sugar and using multiple pharmaceutical concoctions. Nothing was working. She fought back the tears as she talked. She needed help.

I’ve spoken to thousands with chronic blood sugar challenges over the last twelve years. Most of them have lost hope of ever getting well. It doesn’t need to be that way.

When her tears subsided, we talked about what her blood sugar challenges were, and what she could do to turn her disorder around. At first, she listened with a somewhat defeated attitude (like she’d heard this all before, but at the same time, almost daring me to tell her something she hadn’t been told, you know?). As we untangled some of the lies she had come to believe, the depression and hopelessness gave way to a sense of hope, of possibility.

The next Monday, four days later, she called again. Except this time I could barely recognize her voice. She was giddy with excitement.

For the first time, she did something that improved things, dramatically. There WAS something she could do and she was taking control. She was no longer a victim. Hope and success were calling the shots.

I was able to help Sarah discover a sense of hope. I want to help you rediscover yours. Join us in our  Facebook community where we empower you with resources, live broadcasts, message boards, and more.


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