How’s That Been Workin’ For Ya?

How’s That Been Workin’ For Ya?

Crooks and thieves don’t like mirrors because mirrors show them as they really are. Mirrors force us to ask a rather simple, but honest question, “How is what I’ve been doing been working for me?”

“How’s that been workin’ for ya?” Dr. Phil’s quintessential question that puts you right on the hot seat. No squirming around, no evading the issue, no running away. “How’s that been workin’ for ya?”

This is the question I ask nearly everyone I talk to. I listen to a customer’s situation, asking questions to understand clearly, then I ask the million-dollar question, “How’s that been workin’ for ya?” Seems like the answer is always the same: “Not very well.”

It’s important to say the words, “Not very well,” because until you do, you tend to do whatever it is you’ve been doing. And that can be deadly. If what your doing is not working, if things aren’t getting better, you’ve got to have the courage to change what you’re doing.

If you’ve been dealing with blood sugar challenges, this is especially important. Your body can only take “not very well” for so long.

Take something like breakfast. How many times will you have oatmeal, skim milk, blueberries, and coffee for breakfast before you realize that “somethin’ ain’t workin’?”

Almost everyone I talk to eats this breakfast and everyone of them without exception has rising blood glucose. At some point, common sense has to overrule orthodoxy. Stop doing what’s not working and get informed with our free downloadable e-book, which gives you a plan on how to eat to beat your blood sugar blues — not beat yourself up.


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